Need Help?

Wow. Freelancing can be confusing. Tough, in fact.

When I first started this crazy life, I had to figure out so much. To make matters worse, I had to do nearly everything alone.

Not anymore.

I’ve freelanced since ’95 and opened Filbert Publishing in ’01. That feels like a million years ago, and it probably is in Internet time.

Through the years, I’ve made every mistake possible. Twice. (The second time was verification of said mistake.) 😛

Through the years I’ve figured out how to:

  • Research not only your topic, but potential audience for your project
  • How to test ideas before you invest a ton of time in them
  • Create a profitable zine for little to no money investment
  • Create autoresponder series that keep subscribers engaged
  • Work with various email marketing companies
  • How to easily spot a scam
  • Create a profitable website… an easy peasy method
  • Build a strong author platform that’ll weather nearly anything life can throw at it

If you’re thinking of publishing a book, I can show you how to:

  • Publish “work horse” titles that create a steady income
  • Separate truth from myth… the crazy stuff permeating the publishing world
  • Use your book as a calling card; the best advertisement EVER
  • Properly register your project, set up all the paperwork to properly list it everywhere that matters
  • Retain permanent ownership of every aspect of your work
  • Create blurbs that sell, copywriting techniques most authors either don’t know or ignore
  • How to keep your project lean, mean, and profitable
  • Finding the best collaborators, designers, formatters, etc.
  • Are you a DIY person? No problem. I can show you how to work with each company
  • So many options! Self publishing. Traditional publishing! Hybred! Which is best? (Answer: it depends.)

If you’re a smart freelancer, you’ll create multiple streams of income. I can help you:

  • Work through freelancing challenges (time, health, life upheavals)
  • Launch and work as a coach/consultant
  • Figure out sane social marketing
  • Paid ads? Yeah. Sometimes they work. Under certain circumstances
  • How to set realistic goals… and meet them
  • How to get the most out of conferences… if you roll that way
  • How to succeed on your own terms
  • And so much more

If you’ve got questions, I can likely give you a leg up.

Best of all, you can choose from multiple options. Just check ’em out:

One on One Coaching. Topic? I specialize in publishing, freelancing, making a living as a writer. Current topics include:

Organize Your Time with the Filbert Publishing 2018 printable calendar

Publishing Your Book (Assisted Self Publishing)

Selling Your Writing — Strategies to Maximize Your Time/Effort

Public Relations — Promoting Your Product/Service for (basically) free

Implementing Your Strategy — How to Cultivate a Profitable Writing Biz

Copywriting 101 — Selling in Print

Coaching isn’t your cuppa tea? How about downloading a mini course? Check out our selection here. (Link coming soon!)

Check out our Podcast. I often answer reader questions there.

Still have questions? Shoot ’em my way. 🙂

If you want to make a living as a Creative Entrepreneur… sooner rather than later… contact me.