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Month: January 2019

How to Make a (Great) Living as a Freelancer

In this month’s issue of the Creative Entrepreneur Newsletter, we’re tackling the most lucrative branch of writing because heck… why not make this new year as profitable as possible?

Thing is, this is a pretty important topic. Mastering this skill is key to success in all your writing endeavors. I kid you not.

You’ll get details I’ve never shared before. Concrete steps to take to get the ball rolling. Plus, I toss in a few tidbits from my own experiences in the wild world of freelancing (don’t make my mistakes!).

To get to this content, just join the mocha club (heck it’s less than a Caribou Northern Light Mocha each month!). Other freelance newsletter cost far more (I’ve seen up to 97 smackers per!) and have less than stellar information (if I do say so myself). 😛

Enjoy! The link’s under the fold: