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A La Carte for Self Publishers

We’ve published books since ’01. Today, we’re thrilled to help self publishers give their dream project the best chance in a crowded marketplace.

If you want to maintain control of your project (and keep all profits) we’re happy to help.

To that end here’s what we can do for you:


If you need a proofreader, a second set of eyes to find typos, word choice issues, along with minor edits to point out weak writing, plot issues, and such.

The rate for this is .01 per word.


Here’s where we dig deeper, acting as a full-fledged editor, not only proofreading, but offering thoughts on plot, word choice, concrete suggestions to help your manuscript as strong as it can be.

This service runs .02 per word.


We’ll format your text-only interior book (no graphics or graphs) starting at $150 for a book of around 50k words. After we’ve done our work, you’ll receive an epub (Barnes and Nobel, iTunes, Kobo, Google Play), mobi (Amazon), and a .pdf for your paperback that you can upload to Kindle, Ingram Spark, or your local printer.

Market Research and Keywords

The best way to do this is to give us a bit of information about your project and then schedule a private consultation. For a nominal fee, you’ll get a recording and laser-focused information on how to efficiently market your book.

Nonfiction Book Covers

Yup. If you need one, we can hook you up. Prices start at $150 for both the ebook and paperback. Audiobook covers start at $35 (if we made the paperback/ebook cover).

Audiobook Recording

Recording, engineering, and mastering to ACX specs, Beth does the whole sh’bang… all for a great price. You can check out her work here. (Pssst, her time is filling up. Fast. This means her prices are going up very soon.)

How this works:

We’re small. We’re not slick. We’re working writers and publishers who love to give fellow scribes the best chance at publishing success.

In other words, we LOVE working with authors.

To that end, if you’re interested in our no B.S. way of doing things, just shoot an email to FilbertPublishing(a) Use the subject line “A La Carte” so your message will wind up in the right place.