The Mocha Club

Mmmm… who doesn’t love a steaming cuppa mocha? I sure do.

Plus, I know aspiring creative entrepreneurs can be a bit strapped for cash. Especially when it comes to finding solid, focused business training especially tailored for the fine arts.

I’ve been there. Writing is rough when we live in an economy that doesn’t seem to value our insights. And marketing art? That involves some tweaking. To make matters worse, sometimes I feel like some of our fellow artists aren’t as supportive as they could be when it comes to supporting a new generation of creative entrepreneurs.

Case in point: I just saw a $1,500 markeing course for novelists sail through my Facebook feed. Another one, promising success beyond my wildest dreams, just debuted at a cool 5k. Crazier yet? $500 – $600 courses are apparently the norm. It’s really difficult to recoup that investment when you’re selling a product for under a buck. :/

But people sign up! In droves. All hoping this super-duper secret-laden information will be the final answer to their marketing mysteries.

Truth is? Making a living weaving words isn’t that complicated. It doesn’t take any special talents, either. But it does take a bit of know-how.

So, here’s the deal. I’m not out to become a gazillionaire. Seriously, I’m not. I’m perfectly happy with my lifestyle, schedule, and work load. That said, I’m creating an expanded monthly newsletter (packed with incredibly useful information, if I do say so) to give back to the community that has been so kind as to help me live my dream.

You see, there’s plenty of room at the Creative Entrepreneur table for all of us, especially solid writers with a heart for effective communication.

So… I’ve got two options to fit any creative entrepreneur’s budget.

Mocha Club Option #1, The Free Version:

Because some of the information I share isn’t something I necessarily want floating around the Internet willy nilly, you’ll note I have a VIP subscriber option. It’s free. But you’ll have to register. It’s just my way of kinda/sorta placing a lid on some of the more sensitive information I may share. (Turns out, after all these years, I have a few opinions about… well… we’ll get into that later.) Here’s the link for that.

Click Here

Option 2: The Creative Entrepreneur Mocha Club.

This one’ll cost you the same as a Caribou Coffee Mocha (give or take). It’s a 4.99 monthly subscription via Paypal. You can cancel at any time. And you’ll gain access to everything we just discussed in the free option as well as an exclusive monthly newsletter called The Creative Entrepreneur.

Here’s where I talk serious shop, covering topics in a much more thorough way than I could ever dream possible in an ezine format. I’ll talk about topics like:

  • Cutting Edge Book Publishing information — Things Change Fast. Oy, do they ever! What Worked Yesterday Pretty Much Sucks Today.
  • Selling Your Writing — Strategies to Maximize Your Time/Effort
  • Public Relations — Promoting Your Product/Service for (basically) free
  • Implementing Your Strategy — How to Cultivate a Profitable Writing Biz
  • Copywriting 101 — Selling in Print

And much more. Sometimes I’ll even include private videos to highlight, expand, and clarify some of the more important topics. Check out the first issue (it’s free, no strings attached), available as a .pdf, mobi, epub, and get a taste of what I’m talking about.

If you want to join in the fun, just click the button below. 🙂


IMPORTANT: Once you’ve subscribed, you can log in and access your copy of the Creative Entrepreneur Newsletter here.

So, that’s it! A first class creative entrepreneur education for the price of a cuppa joe. I look forward to seeing you on the other side… 🙂