Pocket Power for Sign Language Interpreters

30 seconds. Five steps. Reclaim your interpreting career.

What if you could reclaim your interpreting career, avoid burnout, and find joy in the work you do… all due to a process that takes (sometimes less) than 30 seconds?

With Pocket Power, you’ll discover a simple five step practice, one that’s easy to remember, even easier to implement that will equip you with everything you need to transform your interpreting career.

Within these pages you’ll discover:

* A most powerful technique to easily break unproductive cycles and get you back on track… fast

* How to cope with difficult interpreting situations in the moment

* A complete toolkit to help make your new (and awesome) lifestyle and interpreting career permanent.

Marie Elliot Hoff says, “Pocket Power brings a unique perspective on interpreting and owning your role in the work you do.

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