Pocket Power: Freedom From Emotional Abuse

Has Emotional abuse has shaken your reality to the core?

What if you could find the path back to achieving your lifelong dreams, rediscover joy, reclaim your identity and find peace… all due to a process that takes (sometimes less!) than 30 seconds?

With Pocket Power, you’ll discover a simple five step practice that will equip you with everything you need to bring healing back into your life. Within these pages you’ll discover:

  • A most efficient technique to easily break unproductive cycles and get you back on track… fast
  • Why the abuse isn’t your fault
  • How to cope with loved ones who may not understand what hidden abuse is and how to do so with compassion. The Pocket Power lifestyle is based on empathy, kindness and above all… love.
  • A complete toolkit to help make your new (and awesome) lifestyle permanent

Remember your aspirations? Dreams? The reason you were born? The goals you left by the wayside when hidden abuse crept into your life? Pocket Power will help you heal and reclaim those dreams and get you back to the person you were born to be.

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