Spice Up Your Writing: Write to Entice

Spice Up Your Wrspice cover smalliting: Write to Entice

There’s nothing worse than bland-as-oatmeal writing that doesn’t evoke passion, laughter, anger, love… some kind of emotion from your reader. Story tellers who don’t elicit emotion won’t gain an avid readership. It’s that simple. If you’ve struggled, wondering how you can get your writing to sparkle like a bright penny, this book is dedicated to you. Written in her typical down-home style, prolific writer, master story teller, and lover of the written phrase, Billie A. Williams has laid out an easy to digest palate of sensuous, tangy, salty, and (yes, sometimes) bitter writing techniques you can immediately use to literally spice up your writing.

Readers say:

“I’ve only read a portion as it’s late and my eyes are weary but it sounds so “spicy”.  I love your analogies to the spices and so far I am determined to make my book as creative and interesting by doing as much research as you apparently have.   I love the choices you made to reveal what a good beginning or “first line” looks like.  Think I may have to sit in bed and read the rest tonight in spite of the hour.” — Marlene H [Hibbard]

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