Weekly Writes: 52 Weeks of Writing Bliss

image002Ordinary writers occasionally write.
Great Writers Write Daily.  

One problem, though: What do you do when your well of creativity dries up? What do you do when you stare at the blank page with an even blanker mind?

It’s far too easy for life to take off each morning, leaving the harried writer floating from one crisis to the next until finally you find yourself gazing at your supper plate thinking, “Where did the day go? Why didn’t I get any writing done?”

It’s a common problem for creative individuals: we begin each day with the grand hope of fulfilling our dream… our destiny… but then life grabs us by our ears and before we know it, the day’s spent and so are we.

But what if you had a friendly coach whispering in your ear? A friendly coach who quietly encouraged you. Someone who made you believe in your innate talent as a writer? Someone who could urge you to become what you know you can be as a writer?

And what if that coach teamed with over a dozen writers… all lovers of the written word… all living their dream… all committed to helping you become the writer you know you can be.

Pretty powerful combination, eh?

Well, that’s exactly what writer Shery Ma Belle Arrieta set out to do when she created “Weekly Writes; 52 Weeks of Writing Bliss.”

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Shery wanted to create a way to help every writer live up to their potential.

And did she succeed? Find out for yourself in a moment.

But first, please allow me to tell you a little bit about Weekly Writes.

Weekly Writes began as a wildly popular e-mail course taken by thousands of writers worldwide. Today Shery totally revised and updated the curriculum and has agreed to make it available in one bound edition for the first time.

Within this course-in-print, you’ll find 52 weeks… 12 solid months… of provocative writing prompts, unparalleled inspiration, and everything you need to create one of the most comprehensive journals of your writing career. Daily writing prompts combined with vivid written examples by an eclectic group of dedicated writers will make each “assignment” a breeze.

Weekly Writes is specially designed to help both beginning and seasoned writers (re)discover the joy of writing, of putting pen to paper.

And is it effective?

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Read for yourself:

“This is…my kind of book. If you’re ready to take creative risks, try new genres, and let someone light your imagination on fire, this book is for you.” – Jenna Glatzer, bestselling author of Outwitting Writer’s Block


“Prepare to have your imagination turned inside out.” – Susie Michelle Cortright, founder of the award-winning Momscape.com

And there’s more:

“The sixth grade gifted learners in the Writing Center I created used many of the prompts for their creative writing journals. My students loved the prompts!” – Cheryl McCullough, GT Programs Specialist, Fairfax County Public Schools


“Your book is wonderful. It is to writing what stretches are to an athlete before she goes into competition, what the warm up for an orchestra is before they play the concert, or what playing scales is to a pianist before a recital.” – Sue Wagstaff, workshop instructor and author of FOOTPRINTS

Wow… from children to seasoned writers… Weekly Writes is a resource that you shouldn’t be without.

But don’t take my word for it. Here are a few more comments:

“[Weekly Writes] was such an encouragement to me. The prompts gave me great ideas and really made me do some deep thinking about a great variety of subjects and topics. I would definitely take this workshop again and again since it was those prompts that kept me wanting to write daily and write more.” – Val Gordon (British Columbia, Canada)


“[Weekly Writes] was truly a gift during a time when that creative spark was seemingly gone. I printed out each prompt and inserted it into a binder with blank pages. At the end of the program, I had a complete writer’s journal to look back upon each time I needed that extra boost.” – Jennifer Hollowell (Livermore Falls, Maine), Owner, J.M.H. Creative Solutions (http://jmhcreativesolutions.com)

And the kudos continue:

“Shery Ma Belle Arrieta has given me a gift that will never get dull, wear out or stop giving. Through Weekly Writes she has given me the place to start, the courage to do it and the encouragement and knowledge that I can be a writer or anything else I choose to be. Thanks, Shery, for designing, producing and writing Weekly Writes. I highly recommend this book to all authors. Newbie or pro – you will gain something from it. Guaranteed.” – Billie A. Williams (Amberg, Wisconsin) Author of Writing Wide and mystery suspense novels Death by Candlelight, Tung Umolomo and Fire at Thunder Ridge (http://www.billiewilliams.com)


“Weekly Writes provided [me with] the necessary discipline that every writer requires…[and] the modules were great fun to do.” – Mary Attard (Malta)

I could go on and on reciting praise for Weekly Writes. In fact, I’ve included more testimonials at the end of this letter if you care to see them.

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The point is this:

If you’re a serious writer who wishes to develop your gift to its fullest… if you’re a tired writer who feels as though the joy has gone out of your craft… if you’re a busy writer hoping to ignite your creativity… if you’re an aspiring writer who’s currently plowing through fear hoping you’ll someday be published… if you fit into any of these categories or find yourself somewhere in between any of them… Weekly Writes will give you the inspiration, imagination, and boldness you need to step up the next level of your career.

Don’t delay. You can kick start your imagination, ignite your creativity, and begin your journey towards becoming an outstanding writer.

Just click this link:

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About the Author
Shery Ma Belle Arrieta is founder of The e-Writer’s Place (ewritersplace.com), developer of e-mail courses (writingbliss.com) and creator of WriteSparks!(tm) software (writesparks.com). She is a contributor in Moira Allen’s WRITING.COM: Creative Internet Strategies to Advance Your Writing Career (2nd ed.) and her story appears in the anthology, A Cup of Comfort for Inspiration. She and her business partner David Russ own and run several sites including blog.forwriters.org, TimeWithKids.com, ScatterMall.com and CreativeWritingPrompts. Shery works full-time from her home in Laguna, Philippines.

More Writer’s Comments about Weekly Writes:

“I received Weekly Writes during a low point in my life. [Weekly Writes] gave me an outlet to vent feelings and learn to cope with those feelings. I would recommend Weekly Writes to everyone. Even if you have no desire to be a writer, you will learn a lot about yourself doing each assignment.” – Helen Fields (High Point, North Carolina)

“I have thoroughly enjoyed the diverse activities and suggestions in Weekly Writes: 52 Weeks of Writing Bliss! After a long day at work as I sit in front of my laptop, I often find stimulating subject matter evading me. Fortunately, the suggested exercises in the Weekly Writes have helped me to chip away at the spindly legs of that cumbersome pest called Writer’s Block. Not only do I have exciting topics to write about, I continue to gain strategies for creating my own alluring writing ideas. Weekly Writes has proven to be a valuable source of motivation to improve my writing. So, as I learn, my students learn.” – Linnel Little (Jacksonville, Florida)

“The Weekly Writes modules have given me lots of ideas in toying with various aspects of the human emotion. By doing the exercises, anyone can come up with so many ideas to do when writing.” – Alexa Villano (Quezon City, Philippines)

“I’m a teacher, a mom, a wife, leader of a writer’s group and find myself really pressed for time. Sometimes it’s just easier to not write even though I know I need to. Weekly Writes was perfect for me: I knew that I would write because the prompts were there waiting for me. It was easy, effective, and challenging.” – Dawn Allen (Olathe, Kansas)

“As a published author, I value the fifty-two gems of wisdom encompassed by the fifty-two weeks of Weekly Writes. Each of them, studied in no particular order, is of value to any writer. They stir the ‘little gray cells’ to invoke the muse and seriously approach a word processor. I have enjoyed and do enjoy this tutelage on the craft of writing. Bravo!” – Bob Howard (Lakeview, Oregon)

“[Weekly Writes] is truly excellent. The prompts encourage you to plumb the depths of your memories and experiences to come up with writing that is both unique to you and universal to the human condition. A winning combination, if ever there was one.” – Manjul Bajaj (New Delhi, India)