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Writing Wide: Exercises in Creative Writing

WW smallImagination Is The Fiction Writer’s Most Valuable Resource.
Are You Doing Everything You Can To Cultivate This Precious Commodity?

“Writing Wide is about using the spaces between the lines, the white space, the very edges of the creative mind to bring your writing to life.” It’s about stretching your imagination to its limits, exploring its depths, it’s about creating unforgettable and incredible writing. Writing Wide is about dumping formulas and techniques that homogenize much of today’s writings and blasts through the limits of your imagination.

So much of writing today is formulaic… from the junk mail that flows into your mail box, to many of the most popular novels… even nonfiction books follow formulas to make them sell as many copies as possible.

But writing that dares break through formulas, writing that endures in the memory of its readers, this is truly successful writing.

And it’s this kind of writing that Billie A. Williams explores in her newest nonfiction title, Writing Wide; Exercises in Creative Writing.

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Williams says that anyone can write… but not everyone can write an engaging and suspenseful manuscript.

“Writing Wide means your reader gets the whole picture… whether it’s getting inside your character and fleshing them out… or plunging your reader into the character’s world.”

By using everyday items and inspirational exercises, you’ll learn to instinctively write from your heart rather than a formula.

But don’t take our word for it:

The Midwest Book Review says:

Writing Wide: Exercises in Creative Writing by Wisconsin author and writing expert Billie A. Williams is an instructional guidebook to successful writing techniques with exercises to practice for the improvement of one’s skills. A practical instructional to avoiding common pitfalls; broadening word choice; promoting the effortless flow of narration, and so much more. Writing Wide is a superb self- improvement guide and highly recommended for writers of all skill and experience levels.
“Billie Williams employees a unique, down-to-earth way of word association to teach writing skills. By using vivid picturesque tricks, her work is designed to help any beginning writer remember the basic rules of storytelling, and how and when to use them.” JoEllen Conger, Author


“I just finished reading a delightful little book called ‘Writing Wide: Exercises in Creative Writing’ by Billie A. Williams. Writers and teachers of writing alike will find this book an invaluable resource. ‘Writing Wide’ is a short book but it is jam-packed with useful information. The book makes a wonderful addition to any writer’s (or writing teacher’s) collection.” Karen Mueller Bryson, playwright, novelist, and educator

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As the title suggests, WRITING WIDE covers a wide range of ideas for the new writer as well as reminders for those more seasoned.  A good book and a good read, chock full of suggestions to inspire any writer’s imagination. Peggy P. Parsons w/a Evanell GLIMPSE OF ETERNITY, GLIMPSE OF FOREVER

You’re probably thinking, “Ah… but I can get as many ideas as I want from idea-generating software on my computer.” Unfortunately, it’s a rare writer who gleans effective (and unpredictable) ideas from software such as idea generators, manuscript creators, or wizards.

Truly great ideas come like a lightning bolt out of the blue… in the middle of the night… unpredictable and exhilarating.

Software engineers will never capture the pure brilliance of the human mind. And Writing Wide teaches you how to expand your imagination beyond its limits so your writing can shine with authentic imagination. And isn’t that what we need to be as writers… authentic communicators who reflect and comment on the world around us… without the subtle censoring of our ideas by technology?

Writing Wide Exercises in Creative Writing will pull your imagination to its farthest reaches until it’s expanded farther than you ever thought possible.

Here are even more kudos for Writing Wide:

“Billie Williams’ Writing Wide, Exercises in Creative Writing, is itself a literal and fun manifestation of creative writing.  Williams uses everything from blowing bubblegum through a tooth gap to the late winter sun melting snowy shoeprints, to guide the novice writer through the creative process.  Her thought provoking and original  imagery will prod you through the teaching text and  writing exercises.  Enjoy and start writing!” Karen Rinehart


In Writing Wide, Billie A. Williams writes with clarity, simplicity and wisdom. Each chapter talks to the novice writer and leads her towards action. Williams talks of a writer’s words contained by “the wide picket fence of teeth”, of “marinating the story in your mind”, of approaching the first draft with “mind wide open.”  My advice: Do a quick read of Writing Wide the first time, and then go back to the beginning and indulge yourself. — Shery Ma Belle Arrieta, Author Weekly Writes: 52 Weeks of Writing Bliss! (Filbert Publishing, November 2003)

Grab your copy of Writing Wide today.

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Click the following link and ignite your imagination. You’ll be glad you did.

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About the Author:
Billie Williams is the author of “Death by Candlelight” and the upcoming “Tung Umolomo.” She’s also the author of numerous articles, short stories and book reviews. Her publishing credits include Story Lady, Thema Magazine, Guide Magazine for children, Blueberry Press Publications, Patricia Lewin’s web site, Word Mage, Inscriptions, Filbert Publishing and Sell Writing Online.

Williams is also a member of: Wisconsin Regional Writer’s Association (WRWA), Sisters in Crime, National Association of Women Writers (NAWW), Society of Children’s Book Writers and llustrator’s (SCBWI) and several on line writing and critique groups.