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A New Release!

What if there was a simple way to rediscover your purpose in life?

What if you already possessed everything you need to achieve your highest goals?

What if you could wake up every morning knowing with everything within you that you actually matter? What you do matters? Your existence is vital?

“Follow your dreams.” You’ve likely heard that mantra. The problem is, most gurus don’t give you the vital tools, a down to earth plan, on how to achieve that lofty objective. “Give away the ‘what.’ Sell the ‘how,’” I hear them say.

But what if you could not only find out what to do to truly live the life you deserve, but could also gain every tool you need to discover “how” to do it? All in one brief, but powerful volume.

In “Polaris: Harnessing Intuition to Rediscover Your Life Purpose,” you’ll discover…

* How to find your true calling, your Polaris. It’s not as difficult as you may think.
* How to navigate your personal path and why you must sometimes walk alone.
* Easy techniques to cultivate your intuition and instantly make decisions that will serve you best.
* The power of audacity and how to use it to build a support system that lasts.
* Don’t listen to this emotion. It’s a liar.
* The one activity you must master to keep advancing towards your ultimate goal, your true Polaris.

You have one life to live. You have an important purpose in that life. If you don’t achieve it, it will remain incomplete.

Rest easy in the knowledge that no matter your age, your Polaris patiently awaits. The only question is this: How much longer will you put off living your life purpose?

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