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Stuck: Transforming Everything You Think You Know About Creative Blocks

Creation is a highly spiritual process. If you’d like assistance in your journey, we have a free resource you can use to gain inspiration, joy, and magnificence during your process. Just slip your email addy in this form and you’ll receive great info. as well as Margaret Culpepper’s Magnificent You. Enjoy!

Why don’t you pursue your dream?

“Creative blocks don’t exist.” “Change your attitude.” “Just blast through your block.” I heard it all; every trite band aid solution to my very complex, creative block.

Truth was, a life changing medical challenge didn’t fill me with inspiration. It wasn’t a positive transformative experience, either.

Instead, I found myself navigating a crazy maze of emotions and head scratching moments. With each new blow, with every new reality, I realized I had a tangle of issues to unwind before I could resume my creative life. Perhaps you’re in the same boat.

If you’ve found yourself with a dream, a higher goal, but just can’t get started… this book’s for you. It’s for every dreamer, aspirerer, gentle soul who wants to achieve their life purpose, but can’t seem to get on the path.

Each short chapter contains a bit of my personal story, applications to your situation, as well as prompts to help you untangle your inability to get moving. You’ll also receive a unique set of tools in the Bonus Tool Chest in the final section.

My hope is that STUCK will give you everything you need to venture forth and create the life you know you were born to lead.

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