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The Creative Entrepreneur – Volume III

creative-entrepreneur-3-ebookThere’s a third book?

Yup. And check out all the great info you’ll snag:

  • How to instantly connect with your audience and become an important part of their world.
  • How a simple 90 day experiment resulted in incredible unexpected results… and how you can use this information to create the career of your dreams.
  • How to stop chasing your dreams and lure them to come to you.
  • How to identify your audience’s trance states so you can effectively communicate with them… and to easier influence their choices.
  • Understand the strength of buying trances and how to use them to your advantage.
  • Sift the utterly worthless Internet marketing activities from the “gold mine” activities.
  • Mastering the nuts and bolts of Internet resources will help sell your writing and build a profitable freelance business.
  • This one activity will grow your writing business faster than any other.
  • Don’t make these newbie mistakes.
  • How to master the most lucrative branch of writing in record time.
  • How you can use “intentional” moods to guide your career.
  • Where is the easiest place to find magic in your life… and ultimately your writing career.
  • Understand the difference between communicating and writing… and why this difference can make or break your writing career.
  • Never Never sell your writing. You must do something else…
  • How to find the gift within each dashed expectation.
  • Discover the acid test that will help you determine whether you are, or are not… or even should be a creative entrepreneur.

Hey. This info’s dirt cheap and can easily make your creative endeavors not only more profitable, but exponentially more enjoyable. Just surf to and snag all three volumes to complete your set. 🙂

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