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You Don’t Have to Publish Alone.

With thousands of new titles getting released daily, gone are the days when you can rush into the fray and hope to make an impact. Selling a book, once a challenging proposition, is even tougher today.

Today, selling books takes a fair amount of expertise. You have to craft a great manuscript, format beautifully, do the research to create a genre-specific cover, engage in market analysis, become a social media maven, become a webmaster, and more.

To make matters more interesting, today’s publishing environment, while certainly flexible, can be a lonely endeavor filled with sharks, scammers, and fly-by-night companies filling the airwaves with attractive ads designed to rake in the cash.

You can plunk down tens of thousands of dollars to get your book in print. However, how are you going to sell it? Who will buy it? How will you recoup that investment?

You may get offered an expensive “marketing package” and you may speak with your “representative” when you have questions, but in the end, when you go with one of those huge companies that make big promises in their ads, there’s a good chance you’ll walk away disappointed when your beautiful book languishes.

That’s how we’re different.

We’re a small-by-design publishing company with a long track record (since ’01) of working with our authors to not only create a great book, we also utilize a state-of-the-art distribution system (the same one Big Five Publishers use) while maintaining personalized attention for every author we work with.

After all, we make our living selling books, not selling publishing packages.

The only catch is this: We wind up rejecting over 90 percent of all proposals. If we don’t think we can make a project work, we’ll happily pass it on to someone who feels they can. Also, if you query by email, we may (or may not) be able to reply. If you don’t hear from us, assume it’s a “no.” Our slush pile is brimming and sometimes queries fall between the cracks. If you have any questions about the status of your query, feel free to send it again.

That said, we offer three tracks aspiring Filbert authors can take.

Track One:

If you’re a seasoned author with an established platform, you qualify to apply for a traditional publishing package where we cover all expenses to publish your title. You’ll never pay us one red cent.  Just email us a proper query and let us know you’re applying for this option. (FilbertPublishing(@)

Track Two:

If you’re a new author or if you haven’t established a reliable readership yet, you’re welcome to apply to our co-publishing option. With this option, you’ll shoulder some of the publishing costs, we’ll do the foundational clerical work, create a fantastic book block and cover, and we’ll work as a team to get your book to print. Oh, and you’ll receive a higher royalty. As always, you’ll work one-on-one with Beth and can contact us at any time with any questions, comments, or someone you can bounce ideas off.

Apply at FilbertPublishing(@) More details are here.

Track Three:

If you’re a go-getting self-publisher who wants to focus on what you do best, this track is for you. We’ll do all the tech stuff and you maintain 100 percent control of how your book looks and will be sold.

You can get visual details on all these options below (including the a la carte services):