Want to Work With Us?

Getting published is tough. Gaining a readership is even tougher. Building a writing career takes time and we’re fine with that. While nonfiction titles are far easier to sell, we also realize many writers are passionate about writing fiction. For that reason, we also publish a small amount of fiction each year.

Here’s the deal:

We publish books that creative people can use to help them make a living following their dream. This includes books on marketing, books that encourage living a full life, freelancing, inspirational, we’ll consider a fairly wide range of subjects under this umbrella.

Manuscripts should run from 25,000 to 85,000 words.

Your writing style should be lively and easy to read. We really like conversational writing. We want invisible words carrying an interesting, energetic message.

Here are a few details before you query:

What we expect from you:

1. Your best effort.
2. A great manuscript.
3. Willingness to learn.
4. Work hard and market smart.

What’s our contribution:

1. No advance on royalties, we pay you quarterly, no reserve for returns.
2. Editing, ISBN, book cover… everything to get the book to market.
3. You work directly with Beth. E-mail at any time. You can also schedule phone conversations to ask questions. We’ll help you set up a marketing plan, we’ll support you in your plan, you’re not alone in this endeavor.
4. An established publishing company with over ten years of experience under our belt, it’s often easier to sell a book that hasn’t been self published.
5. You’ll receive a 10 percent royalty based on the retail price for paperbacks and 50 percent royalty on ebooks based on the retail price.

More details:

We work together with our authors to help them sell as many books as they can. But we can’t sell your book without your help. That’s why Beth is so available to answer questions, will help with your marketing campaigns, and is continually researching new ways to get readers to discover our authors.

If you’re passionate about your work, if you believe that you’ve got an incredible manuscript that has a potential enthusiastic audience, shoot us an email.

If you decide to query us, here’s what you need to do:

Just shoot a query, synopsis and manuscript information to this e-mail address: FilbertPublishing(a)

Please note, due to the proliferation of spam and the automatic deleting our filters sometimes does, we cannot guarantee that we’ll receive your e-mail query. Just an FYI. If you don’t hear back within a reasonable amount of time, just re-send the query.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Maury Erickson, Director of Acquisitions and Distribution
Filbert Publishing

P.S. If you’ve written a book outside our guidelines and wish to submit it, or if you want a higher royalty, you can consider our Assisted Self Publishing option. Details are here.