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Make a Living Loving Your Job…

A Nearly Effortless (Definitely Fun) Freelance Career Awaits

  • How do you land clients?
  • How do you get published?
  • How do you snag a readership?
  • What makes for an effective query?
  • What do I need to know to write effective sales pieces that sell what I write?

“This resource represents the perfect blend of hard-core, down-to earth, use it today marketing information mixed with all-important mindset mojo to keep ideas humming and creativity flowing.”

Dear Freelancer,

Freelancing can be tough. You not only have to write, you have to MARKET that writing, something quite painful for many introverts. 🙂

Yet you continue, facing rejection on a daily basis. You pour your heart into your work, only to have a wanna-be “reviewer” chew it up and spit it out. Finances can easily dry up while you’re waiting for that $25 check from the last 500 word article you sold.

It’s easy to become depressed.

Working in solitary, often very quiet offices, many of us wonder, “Where can I receive inspiration, encouragement, hope, marketing tips… solid information from someone who’s been there? Someone who knows exactly what I’m going through. Someone who can intuitively tap into my innermost thoughts and make me feel powerful; strength in every phrase I craft. Someone who understands the song in my heart: the sickness in my soul when I stray from my true calling.”

In answer to, and to honor, every writer who’s contacted me uttering those very words, seeking support and encouragement, I have created this very special dialogue. Through it, you will receive the mental food you need to fulfill your dream, the encouragement you need to bring your unique message to the world.

Nab all three volumes in one e-book by clicking here.

Here’s what I’m talking about:

A while back, the Creative Mindset Newsletter mailed every month, just like clockwork, to lucky subscribers who received solid marketing tips along with powerful mindset tools they could immediately plug in to center their mind, tap into wisdom they didn’t realize they possessed.

Although that adventure has ended, the Creative Mindset message lives on in these letters to freelancers.

After all, the creative life is often a solitary life. You’re either sitting in a quiet office day after day or surrounded by firmly “grounded” individuals who don’t have a clue the unique challenges a truly creative person faces.

Who (in your life) truly understands exactly what you do and how you do it? How many friends can empathize with the creative process and will give you the mental support you need when you’re working on your latest project?

Who can you turn to to “fill your cup” when you need just the right creative stimulus to work one more day?

And that’s exactly what the Creative Mindset Newsletter delivered month after month.

But best of all, the Creative Mindset Newsletter was created by a fellow freelancer and top notch marketer… someone who knows exactly what you’re going through as you muddle your way through your own unique creative process.

Grab it now by clicking here: (Three full-length books combined into one e-book for $14.95.)

“Encouraging, Thoughtful, Mind Expanding”

I’ve bundled all the issues of the Creative Mindset Newsletter together into a three volume print set.

Advice to Freelance Writers: Insider Secrets to Effective Shoestring Marketing, Managing a Winning Mindset, and Thriving in Any Economy, Volumes 1 – 3 covers:

  • Tricks to stay on “track” and achieve your goals faster
  • How “Mindset Marketing” will render you immune to the “negatives” of this biz
  • What’s worse than not landing your “dream assignment?” Landing it unprepared. I’ll show you how to avoid this
  • Why you need to ditch “Life 1.0” and embrace “Life 2.0” as well as why this affects your writing career in such a profound way
  • How to harness the power of one second to get more done
  • “Power Words” can punch up your writing.” However…
  • How a foray into the Corporate World can vitalize your writing career

In Volume 3, I dig deep into marketing, revealing specific techniques, their pros and cons, and revealing which ones worked best for me, as well as which ones tanked.

Each book retails for $12.95 ($38.85 total for the three volumes).

You’ll get the whole sh’bang in one .pdf for $14.95.

Just click here.

You have a lifetime of creativity to look forward to. It’s my pleasure to help you develop your inner talents to their full potential while teaching you time-tested marketing techniques to help you reach as large an audience as you desire.

I can’t wait to become a part of your unique journey.

Best always,


Dang you! You ticked me off!

Your Creative Mindset Newsletter blew me away! Looking back at the years I’ve spent building my own writing career, and working on my own mindset, I realize how your newsletter would have provided a light speed shortcut to success. Reading it is like having a seasoned pro standing over my shoulder encouraging me and inspiring me with every keystroke.

I’m kicking myself for not thinking of it first. 🙂

Seriously, though, your newsletter will transform the life of every writer it reaches.

All the up-and-coming writers who have asked me to share my secret to success want to believe that there’s one “secret trick” that successful writers know and others don’t… mindset is the closest thing to that. Now, at last, I know where to send them for the plain, unvarnished truth about what it takes to truly succeed as a writer.



Leah B. Carson, M.A.
Catalyst Copy, LLC