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Magnificent You: Rediscovering Who You Are, Why You’re Here, And Why You Matter. A Lot.

“I’ve never known life without the Council. To be honest, I’m pretty sure they go by many names: Higher Power. God. Jesus. Abraham. Higher Consciousness. You get the drift. It’s that same still small voice that abides in all of us. Problem is, most people don’t listen; either they don’t have the time, patience, inclination, or some other reason. Either way, finding, not to mention listening, to that voice can transform your life into something amazing.” – M. Culpepper

In this unprecedented age of world wide communication, where much is said and so little is understood, the Council of Threes, channeled by Margaret Culpepper, thrives in an environment of simplicity. They boil down complex topics into their most basic form that highlights what it means to be a beautiful spirit housed in a physical form.

In this second volume, they explore physicality… you… and what that means. Discussion topics include:

* Who you are. Why you’re living at this point in history. And why your presence means so much

* What is the nature of this thing called “reality?” And exactly how much of it are you able to control?

* What is the most important stage of physical life? Why is it so important? How can you maximize your presence during that time?

* Some say the veil between the physical and spiritual thins at a certain time of the year. Is this true? If not, when is the optimal time to contact spirit?

* The care and feeding of the human body. What, exactly, is the best food plan for maximum health? Is there one? How to discern the truth about diet and live a long, healthy physical life. (It’s easier than you think!)

* How to describe yourself with two, short words. And how that description changes everything for the better.

* What is the role of others in your life? Is human hierarchy valid and if so, how can you use it to your advantage?

* Why belief is irrelevant. If you do this, all is well.

* And much more…

If you’re searching for a God who’s big enough to handle your emotions, strong enough to answer your questions, and kind enough to actually love… crack open this book and begin your amazing journey towards your true home.

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