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Our First Double Feature!

Combine two Filbert Publishing best sellers, Jumpstart Your Writing Career (and Snag Paying Assignments) and 101 No Cost (and Low Cost) Techniques to Turbo Charge Your Writing Career, and you’ve got powerful information that’ll get you on the road to earning a living as a writer. Fast.

These are down and dirty techniques, no fluff here, on how to:

* Land Long Term Clients

* Write Stellar Queries that Help Sell Your Writing

* Create an Effective Website that Works Hard For You 24 Hours a Day

* Tackle Nonfiction Markets Scrambling for Competent Writers

* Sell Your Writing to Various Outlets to Create Multiple Streams of Income

* And So Much More

If you’re tired of spinning your wheels, if you feel like you’re missing the one thing that’ll help launch your writing biz, if you just want solid information that’ll help you generate a steady stream of assignments… nab your copy of this double feature today.

Together, the two ebooks come to ten bucks. Now, you can get the whole sh’bang for 6.95… a .pdf for your computer, a mobi, and/or epub. Your choice. PLUS if you run into trouble downloading, tech support is standing by. 🙂

Just Click Here for your instant download! 🙂