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Reclaimed Trust

Blank bookcover with clipping path“The tale grabs my interest from the beginning and keeps me reading. This is an entertaining story, just real enough to make me think, “Well, I guess it could happen,” and just improbable enough to set my own imagination to spinning daydreams.”

When Penny Andrews traveled to the Middle East, she never imagined she’d become a victim of mistaken identity and abducted. Her “trip of a lifetime” sparked strength she never knew she possessed as she discovers how difficult it is to change the ebb and flow of the river we call “life.”

Her life complicates further when she meets Jonathan Zadok… a terrorist and her captor.

In the golden light of the desert, Penny and Jonathan find a chemistry between them, something they didn’t expect. Could this “chemistry” be love? They may never find out because someone is trying to kill them.

To make matters worse, circumstances beyond their control force them to take part in a bizarre and sensual ceremony called The Almach.

Reclaimed Trust is a love story crossing two continents and two cultures, beginning in the hot sands of Horab and ending in the icy snowdrifts of Minnesota. It’s a fast read that will keep you guessing all the way to the last chapter. It’s also a sensuous start to the Reclaimed Series, all taking place in the same, intriguing universe.

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B.A. Erickson currently lives in Minnesota but lives to travel to the far reaches of the globe. She’s a (hopefully) cancer survivor and storyteller at heart. Readers call her novels, “… hauntingly beautiful…” “… intriguing and sensual…” and “fun.” Keep up with her shenanigans at