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Council of Threes: Where Manifesting, Relationships and Life Become Sane Again

Modern spirituality has evolved into a mish mash of incongruent elements. Nearly every new guru rings an over-used bell of their own “truth,” proclaiming repetitive promises that may (or may not) be achievable. The end of their philosophy, unfortunately, leaves a trail of injured congregants, always blaming each for their so-called failure.

Impossible standards, victim blaming, shunning, excommunication… far too many of these are common in today’s spirituality.

But, that ends here. The Council of Threes, channeled by Margaret Culpepper, thrives in an environment of simplicity. They boil down complex topics into their most basic form that absolutely highlights what it means to be a beautiful spirit housed in a physical form.

In this introductory volume, they cover a lot of ground, giving you a glimpse into all the topics they will discuss in subsequent volumes of this conversation. Some of the subjects include:

* Who you are. Why you’re living at this point in history. And why this information matters. A lot.

* Manifestation: The whats. The hows. And why today’s so-called “law of attraction” is inherently flawed… and why this information has been so grossly misinterpreted.

* The what (and hows) of dreaming. And why you should encourage this magnificent form of communication as well as how you can do this.

* Are you weary, frustrated in what feels like a never ending rut? If you feel drawn towards a greater life purpose than what you’re currently living, start reading. You’re about to be amazed.

* How one, small action can transform your life, simplify your routine, and release more funds than you ever thought possible.

* And much more…

If you’re exhausted, living in an age of unprecedented world wide communication while devoid of understanding; if you’re searching for a God who’s big enough to handle your emotions, strong enough to answer your questions, and kind enough to actually love… crack open this book and begin your amazing journey towards your true home.

Grab your copy direct from Filbert Publishing.

Of course, you can pick up your copy at your favorite bookseller.