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Plant Based Chefs: Yummy Meals

CroppedSmallFullCoverDVDImagePlant Based Chefs: Yummy Meals: A delicious, easy menu for the health conscious person – no fads, no surgeries, no craziness

Calorie dilute (and nutrient rich) foods do not have to be boring, bland, and tasteless as you’ll quickly discover in this delightful DVD. Freelance writer Beth Ann Erickson and Web Guru Extraordinaire Peder Erickson open their actual kitchen and share some of the recipes that helped them lose a combined total of around 150 pounds and has helped manage Maury Erickson’s post heart attack blood numbers.

Some of the recipes include:

Corn Bread
Hash Browns
Cheeze Sauce
Spring Rolls
Potato Crunchers

What viewers say:

“I watched the video a couple times and am getting the basics down.  It’s easy!  You figured it all out for me. … We both feel better… this afternoon I’m going to make the ice cream treat. Thank you and Peder for your hard work. I love visiting in your kitchen!!” – Barb Johnson


“Beth & Peder – I just watched your Super Fast Meals video and loved it. … you’ve inspired Dan and me to try your meals. Thanks for helping us along the road to better health. Loved Peder’s potatoes.” — Sue Case

This project has truly been a labor of love for both Peder and I. I hope you give it a whirl and gain the health results you’re looking for.

DVD here.