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The Creative Entrepreneur – Volume II

creative-entrepreneur-ebook-2Running your Creative Entrepreneur business can be a challenge! How do you keep up your income, morale, and marketing knowledge without going insane? I can help. I’ve been at this Internet Marketing stuff since ‘01. Check out what I cover in this volume of Creative Entrepreneur:

  • Some top secret, drop dead easy marketing techniques… super easy to implement, designed especially for creative types. Many top marketers use these, but 99 percent of freelancers unknowingly skip them.
  • After checking out the Creative Entrepreneur II, you’ll understand how embracing your personal Polaris will make success that much easier.
  • How “Waking Up” can become the most painful activity you can engage in… and how this one activity can make or break your creative process.
  • The difference between a career and a livelihood.
  • How to harness one inborn trait, it’s utterly simple to do, to effortlessly guide your 21creative pursuits.
  • Why you should never, ever pursue every opportunity that comes your way.
  • How to learn from negativity without getting sucked into its toxic brew.
  • How to engage the power of the universe to help pave the way to your success.
  • How to turn mistakes into advantages.
  • Discover how to guarantee success in every endeavor… it’s only two sentences, and it’s found (in bold) inside Creative Entrepreneur II.
  • How to focus your energy to stay balanced and on track, no matter what’s going on in other areas of your life.

Just think, for under five bucks, you can get a million dollar education in running your own creative enterprise. Go figure…

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