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Amazon “Shenani-gones!”

Sigh. The fun never ends!

In today’s episode, the Chix discuss some challenges when selling books on Amazon. Issues like:

  • Buy Button shockers
  • Pricing conundrums
  • Some possible workarounds
  • The possibility of Amazon selling used ebooks
  • Possible workarounds
  • How this reality can affect Amazon Exclusive authors
  • Why it’s important to “tend to your own garden”
  • Does Amazon Prime live up to its implied promises?
  • What will happen to payouts when the Big 5 Publishers join KU?
  • How Bee sells her company’s ebooks direct to her readers

Bottom line? You need to be proactive when it comes to selling on Amazon. Go in with your eyes wide open. Keep your options open. Understand it’s nothing personal. And most importantly? Maintain many streams of income.

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