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Convos With Pros(e): Jody J. Sperling, The Reluctant Marketer

In today’s show, I’m honored to chat with Jody J. Sperling from The Reluctant Marketer Podcast. We discuss:

  • Conquering fear, particularly reticence to market your writing.
  • Consistency vs Perfection. Which is more powerful?
  • Getting overwhelmed with social media. How do you choose your best avenue?
  • Jody’s most incredible piece of social media advice. This is huge. It actually transformed my feed.
  • How his new book, “The Seven Figure Marketing Mindset for Authors” can make marketing your next project exponentially more effective.
  • Conferences, Masterminds, Clubs… oh my! Some are great. Others? Avoid ‘em.
  • What is your most important asset? Here’s how to protect it.
  • Check out Jody’s writing process.
  • Do you select a niche or does the niche select you?
  • Jody outlines what’s working for him in the field of writing and publishing.
  • What he’d do differently if he were starting a writing career today.
  • Finally, Jody covers the formula and/or secret to successful marketing on the web.

That’s a lot to cover in a quick 35 minutes but that’s exactly what we do. So, fasten your seat belt and enjoy the ride.

Website links: Jody’s website: (You can find his book here, too!)

Beth’s websites: and

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