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Does your website make these mistakes?

Hey Freelancer,

Welcome! Greetings from the great white north! (Note: spring should be springing, but with this blanket of snow, it’s hard to see what’s going on down there.)

But, I refuse to complain about weather. Let’s talk shop!

As always, I’ve got some fun info on tap… today we’re chatting about websites. Whether you have one or plan on it (if you’re a creative entrepreneur, you’ll definitely want a site), I’ve outlined a few thoughts to consider when you launch into that project.

But best of all? I’ve got something super fun!

I recently had the privilege of interviewing Mark L. Redmond, the creator of the Artie Anderson series of books. We chat about scheduling, collaborations, promo techniques, and his advice to aspiring writers. I think you’ll find our conversation pretty enlightening as well as entertaining.

Enjoy! Here’s the link, you’ll find video or audio options for your viewing and/or listening pleasure:

Just click here.

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Beth 🙂


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Does your website make these mistakes?

Beth Ann Erickson

Creating (and maintaining) a website can be overwhelming at times. I’m here to help make that process easier.

When it comes to profitable websites, simplicity tends to reign supreme. With this in mind it’s generally a good idea to avoid:

* Overwhelming graphics. Unless they support your overall goals, be careful with graphics. They not only can slow down page loads, they can distract visitors from your main goals.
* Too many links pointing away from your site. It’s tough to keep readers on your page. Don’t give readers copious reasons to leave. And if you do provide outside links, send them someplace awesome.
* Flashy banners. They’re distracting. They also can make your page load slow.
* Lengthy, pointless flash presentations: Ditto (see above). EVERY word on your site needs a reason to exist.
* A home page devoted to something uninteresting to your visitors. Remember, anyone visiting your site wants to know one thing: What’s in it for me?
* Irrelevant information. In this face paced world, it can be a challenge to stay abreast of new information on your topic. However, it’s imperative you do this. If a reader trusts you enough to visit your site, don’t waste their time.
* No new updates. Update your site. Google likes it. So do your readers. Your website isn’t a billboard, it’s a living piece of your creativity.

Boil all this down? Make sure everything on your website is fresh, relevant, easy on the eyes, reader friendly, and uncomplicated. Bonus points if every bit of design supports your overall goals while accomplishing the previous list.

Tall order? You bet. But you’re a pro. 🙂


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