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Ebook Pricing Simplified

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Hey Freelancer,

I’ve got a new release launching so I’m keeping ‘er short. Ha. That’s a new one, eh? Me? Keeping it short? Whoda thunk?

But yeah. Releases are always interesting. Perhaps one day, I’ll chat about the process.

In the mean time, I’ve got some fantastic info coming your way. Last week, I interviewed fabulous writer Mark L. Redmond. Watch for his interview to drop in the Notes from Minnesota Podcast. His was a delightful interview, I’ll email when it’s shiny and spit polished.

Oh, and if you’re a working writer, drop me a line. I always love chatting with creative entrepreneurs, writers, creators, hobbyists… whatever you prefer to call yourself. If you’re up for an interview, I want to hear from you.

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How to Price Your Ebooks
Beth Ann Erickson

A subscriber contacted me asking, “I want to write a Kindle book. How long should it be and how much should I charge?”

Oy. That’s a bit of a hot potato. First, a couple considerations.

1. Nonfiction generally prices higher than fiction. So, the following numbers will likely vary.

2. Subject matter and genre also influence price.

3. Amazon includes a nifty pricing tool in your KDP account. Consult it before you entering a price for your ebook.

With that in mind, here’s the down and dirty, super simplified, chart:

Flash: < 1,000 words – Free or .99
Short Short: 1k – 5k words – Free – .99
Short Story/Manual: 5k – 10-k – .99 – 1.99
Novelette/Booklet: 10k – 20k – 1.99 – 3.99
Novella/Short Nonfiction: 20k – 40k – 2.99 – 3.99
Novel/Nonfiction: 40k – 120k – 2.99 – 7.99
Epic: 120k+ – 5.99 – 12.99

So yeah. Those are the broad guidelines concerning length and pricing. At least for now. They’ll change.

For example, I currently have a 70k novel set as free to stir the pot. I also have a novella sitting at .99. Today’s ad features an epic for less than five (for now). But because prices fluctuate, the previous sentences may not be accurate in the very near future.

In other words, use this guide as just that: a guide. Then have a little fun with it.


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