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Filbert Publishing Action News…

Reporting to you live from Las Vegas.

Ok. I totally ripped off the wonderful Bryan Coen in my headline, but I liked it so there it goes. Consider it cited. 🙂

I’m in Las Vegas, packing to head back to the Filbert Publishing global headquarters (that would be the metropolis of Kandiyohi, population 512. It’s 510 until I get back there).

I’ve been down here at a writing conference. ‘Twas a great experience, but I’m ready to hit the road home.

While I wait, I figured I’d toss out a few travel tips in the hopes you can learn from my mistakes.

  1. Pack well. Everyone looks great down here. I rather wished I perked up my wardrobe. However my VW t-shirt was pretty comfy…
  2. Plan ahead! Don’t forget your conference evaluation in the hotel room. Retrieving it before the cut-off time involved too much running.
  3. Stretch your social skills. If you encounter a big scary guy with copious tattoos, introduce yourself. He just may be a teddy bear with immense talent.
  4. Don’t be afraid to make some noise. Writers are a loud bunch. If you want to be heard, speak loud. Then expect to repeat yourself at least three times.
  5. Bring throat lozenges.
  6. If you see a person dancing in the conference bathroom, demand they introduce themselves. I made a delightful friend that way.
  7. Chocolate is your friend. Until you expect to zip your jeans.
  8. Don’t let the raw talent inside the conference hall intimidate you. Turns out these folks are not only gifted, most are sooooo nice!
  9. Visiting two time zones away from home makes for confusing math. Doing so when Daylight Savings Time ends really messes up the internal clock, too. I was perky as a bird at 4:00am. Before today, I didn’t even know this spot in the time/space continuum even existed!
  10. Pray for TSA pre-check. Actually, I didn’t think to do that. We got it anyway! I’m pretty thrilled to be able to keep my shoes on in the airport. 😛
  11. Don’t let your husband purchase Mike’s the night before you go home. We had two left. I was hungry. Thirsty, too. Now it’s 7:00am, and I’m polishing off the last one. That has to be pretty bad. However, I’m not remotely stressed about today’s flight.

That’s about it. For now. Kudos to everyone at 20 Books Vegas Conference. It was a clear winner.

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