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How’s your dream coming along?

~~~ Notes from Minnesota ~~~

Hey Freelancer,


Have you ever noticed how life is generally uncooperative when it comes to dream chasing? One day leads into the next until… boom! Another year gone.

I’m always amazed when another quarter passes and I pull out the Filbert Publishing check book to pay our authors. Wow… another three months gone.

Summer’s passed. Fall’s in full swing. Before you know it, I’ll unzip the parka.

So, how’s your dream progressing? Are you a better writer than last year? Have you sharpened your marketing chops?

If you’re stuck in the same (or similar) situation as last year, you may want to check out my latest title, now out in paperback.

In the mean time… enjoy today’s main article!

Onward and upward,

Beth 🙂


Why don’t you pursue your dream?

“Creative blocks don’t exist.” “Change your attitude.” “Just blast through your block.” I heard it all; every trite band aid solution to my very complex, creative block.

Truth was, a life changing medical challenge didn’t fill me with inspiration. It wasn’t a positive transformative experience, either.

Instead, I found myself navigating a crazy maze of emotions and head scratching moments. With each new blow, with every new reality, I realized I had a tangle of issues to unwind before I could resume my creative life. Perhaps you’re in the same boat.

If you’ve found yourself with a dream, a higher goal, but just can’t get started… this book’s for you. It’s for every dreamer, aspirerer, gentle soul who wants to achieve their life purpose, but can’t seem to get on the path.

Each short chapter contains a bit of my personal story, applications to your situation, as well as prompts to help you untangle your inability to get moving. You’ll also receive a unique set of tools in the Bonus Tool Chest in the final section. You can also download the official “Stuck” meditation.

Check it out here.



An Excerpt from the book, Stuck: Transforming Everything You Think You Know About Creative Blocks
Beth Ann Erickson

If you don’t know where you’re going, how will you know when you get there?
Before my cancer drama, I knew what I wanted. My career aspirations glimmered before me like a powerful Polaris, the North Star, the guide for ancient mariners for eons.

Then cancer hit. My Polaris evaporated a little with every piece of the bad news.
The way I figured it, I would get the tumor removed, move on with my life, and proceed as if nothing happened.

Reality unfolded in a much different manner.

Turns out, I’ll be forever linked to that diagnosis. Pre-existing conditions are my reality. I visit my oncologist on a regular basis whether I like it or not.
I get scanned. Poked. Blood drawn. Every new bump receives copious scrutiny. This new routine reflects my new reality because once you have cancer, your doctors become vigilant in finding new tumors before they become a problem. I suppose that’s a good thing considering cancer is far more treatable when it’s caught early.

But the stress, the recurring nightmare, the loss of control… all these emotions well up in a vortex of uncertainty.

It’s in these moments my Polaris dims. I become rudderless. My mind wanders dangerous territory.

It’s also in these moments Polaris becomes even more important.
If, in that moment, I somehow remember my guiding star… my reason for being… I can much easier guide my decisions.

Everything makes more sense.

I don’t feel rudderless.

The world doesn’t feel quite as dark.

The problem is, in those moments, the last thing on my mind is Polaris.
So, my job is to anticipate the dark days enough to prepare. I keep reading material at the ready. Before I let myself sink into despair, I immerse myself in something… anything… that’ll give me hope.

Sometimes it’s an inspirational book. Other times, I’ll listen to an audio. Anything that’ll propel me forward, remind me that I currently live in a temporary situation, works well.

Before long, I find myself pulled away from dark thoughts and towards hope.
The magic happens when you realize you can only concentrate on one thought at a time. Control your thoughts and you can adjust your temporary mood.

Hope springs in the most unexpected places. If you keep your eye on your Polaris, your ultimate goal, you’re far less likely to succumb to temporary moods that can derail your progress.

Tips to utilize this tool:

When you’re the busiest, when you feel harried, that’s the exact time when it is imperative to focus on your Polaris.

Life has away of intruding on dreams. Other people have opinions about what you should do with your time. The value of your Polaris is sometimes overlooked by those closest to you.

Unfortunately, it’s important that you acknowledge these hard truths. They aren’t good or bad, they simply exist. When you realize this, you understand the importance of protecting your dream.

There isn’t one person on this planet with the same Polaris as you. If you don’t work towards your dream, it’ll never be realized. Your legacy could go unfulfilled.

Remember this. Hold your Polaris close. Protect it. Work towards it every day.
Once you make this commitment, your Polaris will reward you with never ending encouragement.

Check out Stuck here.


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