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Mocha Club! Fasten Your Seat Belt. This one’s a doozie… :P

Oh my gosh, have we got some wrangling to do today. Selling fiction isn’t a confusing topic once you untangle the many threads that seem to surround this gigantic ball of string. However, if you take it slow and understand a first, very important principal, everything should fall into place.The weirdest thing is that most new creative entrepreneurs entering the field miss this most important, fundamental principal when it comes to marketing fiction. However, if you miss it, pretty much every bit of your investment could be for naught.

This isn’t hyperbole. It’s truth. However, before I launch into the meat of this topic, we have a bit of housecleaning to do when it comes to marketing stories, fiction, short, long, speculative, whatever.

Oh. Pardon me. If you’re a Mocha Club Member, read on. If you’re not, what are you waiting for? Toss a mocha my way and I’ll talk and talk and talk shop… 😛

Download the latest issue here! Oh, and enjoy. 🙂

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