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Acts, Romans, Corinthians: The Good News

Birth pangs. The Holy Spirit. Gentiles.

From death, springs new life. Disciples transform into apostles. From Jewish roots, gentile branches sprout and the Law is now governed by Grace.

The topsy turvy beginnings of the Christian faith perfectly illustrates the biblical quote, “the last shall be first, the first shall be last.” Enemies become co-workers. Unclean becomes clean. Sadness transforms into unimaginable joy.

Included in this volume is not only the Acts of the Apostles, but Paul’s letters to the Roman church as well as the first two letters to the Corinthians. Containing valuable insights into Christian faith and instructions for daily living, These first letters are often thought of as a bedrock for building faith.

In a world that sometimes trivializes holy phrases into slogans and trite clips, this Consecrated Journal employs minimal formatting, zero commentary, wide outside margins so you can create your own notes, doodles, and insights.

Plus, it’s compact… take it anywhere. Every detail is designed to enhance your quiet time and give your spirit free rein to wander through the rich tapestry of these incredible, ancient texts.

This is your journal, consecrated by the word of God itself.

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