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The Gospels: Matthew, Mark, Luke, John

One magnificent story. Four points of view.
The retelling of the greatest story.

The fulfillment of ancient prophecy, the birth of Jesus Christ split time in two, rocked the foundations of established religions, and his voluntary death reset the relationship between God and His people.

A teacher. A suffering servant. A keystone in the history of salvation. The divine Son of God. Each Gospel reveals a new, and fascinating, aspect of a savior’s essence.

Thus begins the unveiling of God’s cosmic plan to bring salvation to His creation. “In the beginning was the word…”

In a world that sometimes trivializes holy phrases into slogans and trite clips, this Consecrated Journal employs minimal formatting, zero commentary, wide outside margins so you can create your own notes, doodles, and insights.

Plus, it’s compact… take it anywhere. Every detail is designed to enhance your quiet time and give your spirit free rein to wander through the rich tapestry of these incredible, ancient texts.

This is your journal, consecrated by the word of God itself.

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