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Hey Writer, Scribe, Influencer! I’m sure you’ve heard of the KonMari method of organization. It’s where you empty a space Read more
The silent power of “soaking” your writing can make or break your project. Seriously. I’m not kidding. In today’s issue Read more
In this month’s issue of the Creative Entrepreneur, I talk about two freelancers, two methods, and pros/cons of each. Oh, Read more
Hey Writer, Scribe, Influencer! I’m back from Chicago and it was grand. The trip out? Yeah. Not super. We got Read more
Today Beth is joined by Janet Scott from Studio 36. They discuss the re-branding and utter transformation of a particular Read more
What do you get when you combine the Word of God, copious page space, and your own imagination? You get Read more
Diversifying your business can be a savvy move… assuming you do it right. In today’s episode of Notes from Minnesota, Read more
Bon Jour Freelancer! Yeah. I’m getting all refined, speaking French and such, because I’m on my way to the big Read more
Think again. Even the best marketers sometimes get this wrong. That's because readership is truly a moving target. In today's Read more
This is a meaty issue covering the core reason we began our "Best Year Ever" series with offline marketing. Oh... Read more
But it’s not! Check out today’s Notes from Minnesota Podcast. Here’s where we detail step one on how to achieve Read more
What would you do if you discovered you could achieve lifelong dreams, become the person you always wanted to be, Read more

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