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Want to market better? Observe cats.

Hey Creative Entrepreneur!

I know it’s been a while. I’m still dealing with some interesting complications from my nasty Covid diagnosis. Gotta say, I feel better than I have in a long time, but I still have a ways to go.

In the meantime, have I ever got a story for you! Turns out, during the dark days of the pandemic, we wound up finding a kitten. On the side of a busy highway. With a broken leg!

It’s an interesting tale (ha), but too long to detail here. However, if you’re a cat lover who adores rescue stories, this one’s a doozie. You can listen to the whole story here:

And to celebrate Filbert Publishing’s newest addition, I’m dedicating this entire issue to… cats. 😛


Beth 🙂

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Want to market better? Observe cats.
Beth Ann Erickson

I’ve always been a dog person. Dogs are easy. No matter what I do, dogs generally like me and want to please.

I feed them, take care of them, walk them, tended to their poo, and my puppies assume I am a deity.

After my dear Doxy Cross passed away, I thought my heart would never recover. And when I entered the Humane Society hoping to adopt another small canine, imagine my surprise when not one little dog was available.

Then the Humane Society rep said the one sentence I changed my life for the foreseeable future, “But look at this unusual cat…”

That’s the day I adopted Lina, the blue-eyed, slightly cross-eyed, Flame Point Siamese. That’s also the day I realized cats are nothing like dogs.

When I feed this cat, when I tend to her needs, when I empty her box, she assumes she’s the deity.

She doesn’t aim to please. She knows what she wants, and will settle for nothing less. She gets distracted at the drop of a hat and I can persuade her only when I offer something she already wants.

I’ll never educate her because she already knows more than me… she’s quite confident in that belief and there’s a good chance she’s right.

I better respect the times she decides to bless me with her presence because those moments can be few and far between… and they generally occur when I’m at my busiest.

Both of us know she can leave at a moment’s notice and every minute we spend together is to be appreciated.

Considering Lina is one feline of four at our house, I now understand the concept of “herding cats.”

And what does all this have to do with your creative life?

Anybody trying to market their creative endeavors would do well to observe the behavior of cats. Here are some of my takeaways:

• Cats know what they want. So give your potential reader what they want. Don’t try to educate them, cajole them, or persuade them. Just find out what they want, then give it to them. Then everyone’s happy.

• Things not going your way? Roll with the punches. Get ready for interesting surprises. Never assume the status quo will last long.

• Sometimes I’m sure Lina doesn’t care as much about me as she does what I can do for her. Remember, in all of your communications, don’t focus on you. Focus on your reader, customer, client.

• Lastly, when you gain a new reader, client, customer, treat them well. Always speak highly of them. Always remember they can easily focus their attention elsewhere.

Sure, I understand people aren’t cats. However, I suspect the reason cats are so popular is because underneath all the cuteness, the elusiveness, the attitude, it’s fairly evident we share some interesting personality traits.

Think of this when you’re crafting your next marketing plan.

What do you think? Head here to share your thoughts. 🙂

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