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When Bad News Bites. :/

Life’s fabulous! Have a thick skin! Never let ‘em see you sweat! Think happy thoughts!

How do you handle social media glory with the realities of freelancing in a world that doesn’t always cooperate? Today Beth and Victoria tackle reality, thoughts on mindset, potential earnings, and much more. Better yet? They also discuss:

* A six figure tweak some unscrupulous marketers use to make their income seem higher
* Where positive thinking can go awry
* What to do when you hit a brick wall
* Why if you hear a writer claiming to make “five figures” a month, you better do a little more math…
* Beware turning disappointment inward. Victoria has a strategy for avoiding that behavior
* Bonus: Victoria reveals her Hollywood roots! (Thanks for the Memories!)
* Double Bonus: Watch Victoria’s face when Beth brings up the KU strategy of releasing a book every 30 days

Tune in for an irreverent, fun discussion. 🙂

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