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Month: July 2019

Soaking and the Curse of Perfectionism

The silent power of “soaking” your writing can make or break your project. Seriously. I’m not kidding.

In today’s issue of The Creative Entrepreneur, I talk about how to harness the power of this often forgotten writing step.

Enjoy! And THANKS for the mocha!


P.S. Oh! Next month I’ve got a surprise for you. I’m pretty excited.

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On “Gurus”

In this month’s issue of the Creative Entrepreneur, I talk about two freelancers, two methods, and pros/cons of each. Oh, and I talk gurus, too.

This issue is for every exhausted writer caught up in the “There’s a better, super secret, way to do this” freelancing cycle.

Thing is, if you believe some gurus, all you need one final, missing element and success is yours!

But reality can be a bit different.

What if you could stop spinning your wheels, embrace reality, and make your career run a whole lot smoother… enjoyable… and sane? Check out today’s issue here: