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Five reasons to publish your book today

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If you’ve freelanced for any period of time, you likely have a book idea (or two, or three) swimming around your head. Here are five reasons (some not so obvious) to jump on that project today:

Establish yourself as an expert

 If you want to be viewed as an expert, write a book. After all the research you’ve done, after taking the time to publish your opinions/findings/etc., you truly will be an expert on your topic. If you’re trawling for clients, they’ll often hire the expert rather than a newbie on the subject. Just saying, “I wrote the book about this,” often will open more doors than if you hadn’t written the manuscript.

It’s one heck of a resume

 Whenever I’ve got a prospective clients on the line, I offer to mail them one of my books. Whenever someone asks for my resume, I send it… along with one of my books.

Doing this not only boosts your credibility, but it shows you know how to tackle long term projects, illustrates your tenacity, and highlights your eye for detail. All these are traits your clients generally admire.

It creates a nice additional income stream

 Imagine awakening each morning, logging onto your computer, and checking how many books you sold while you slept. That’s exactly what you get to do when you’ve got a book on the market. It’s an amazing feeling because you can literally make a living 24 hours a day. Plus, with more than one book in bookstores, you can multiply sales.

Very fun, indeed.

Start a sales funnel

 You need a high volume of books selling to make a living wage. However, if you use those lower priced items as a gateway to other projects. This is called, “creating a sales funnel.” You sell your original book, the reader likes what they see, so they hire you to write ad copy, to coach them, for a consulting gig, the options are only limited by your imagination.

Free advertising

 You can use your book to gain wonderful public relations. I recall when my first novel hit the shelves, I sent a press release to the largest newspaper in Central Minnesota. They sent a reporter to my office, interviewed me, and I received a half page, front page article! Plus, I received a full hour interview at the largest AM station in the region. Of course, I mentioned my copywriting services in each piece.

I’d never have been able to afford to purchase that kind of advertising.

Bonus benefit: It’s a perfect way to turn spare time into a wonderful project that will follow you the rest of your life.

 If you’re like me, you find yourself with a bit of time each day when you wonder what project you should tackle next. When you’ve got a spare five, ten, fifteen minutes, why not take that otherwise wasted time to build your future?

Book writing takes far less time than you may think. Plus, it’s amazingly fun. Give it a whirl.

Write on,

Beth 🙂


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