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It’s Load Your E-Reader Day!

TLDR for today:

Today you can pack your e-reader with a bunch of free books.

You can download over 50 mindset, inspirational, and transformational ebooks (including one of ours!) here: All gratis. Click here.

You can also download a dozen books for authors (including our fully revised Jumpstart Your Writing Career) at this link: Click here.


Hey Creative Entrepreneur!

A while ago I mentioned that my company has begun publishing inspirational, spiritual, and metaphysical titles.

So, today we have an awesome spirituality author on our team who was accepted into a fun free-book promo. So yeah… if you’re into spirituality, if you love metaphysics, if you enjoy a great transformational and mindset book, you can download our title along with over FIFTY other fun resources. Every one of ‘em is free.

So load your e-reader. Have fun.

Here’s the link.


Beth 🙂

~~~~~~~~~~Gratis Download Alert~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Today you can download the fully revised Third Edition of Jumpstart Your Writing Career (plus nearly a dozen other titles) at no cost at this link.

With Jumpstart Your Writing Career, you’ll discover how easy it is to:
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If you want to be a freelance writer who’s tired of working for peanuts and wants to snag more lucrative assignments, this book’s for you.

Note: This third edition was completely updated in 2022
Here’s the link.


Is Amazon Ramping Up its Email Game :/
by Beth Ann Erickson

Today’s newest from Bloomberg (via Yahoo) says:

“Amazon Opens the Email Marketing Floodgates to Try to Boost Sales”

According to the article, Amazon is going to let “brands and merchants send marketing emails to shoppers, a risky bid to boost sales that could inundate inboxes with sp am.”

I have thoughts.

Mostly? I’m disappointed.

First, I’ve always run Filbert Publishing differently. Sure, we keep in touch. But you won’t find me hitting your inbox multiple times a day. Heck, you won’t even hear from me multiple times a week. I figure I have enough new news to share a couple times a month.

I suppose slick marketers would consider me a failure. But I’m happy. I like to think my messages are informative and timely. That’s good enough for me.

Considering I already receive multiple daily emails from Amazon, I wonder how many more I’ll receive.

But my big question is this? How is flooding inboxes with blatant sales messages (minus any content) going to make folks want to shop more? How will this build rapport with their customers? When will Amazon shoppers be viewed as people and not just prospects?

I guess we’re about to find out how this all unfolds.

Just a heads up. (In the meantime, feel free to download copious books. You may need to share your email addy, but I doubt any of these folks will “Amazon” you… 🙂



P.S. If you want to polish your marketing chops and master some fundamentals… at no charge today, click here. Completely revised and updated, this resource will help you grow multiple streams of income: Click here.

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