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What do marketing and food plans have in common?

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Marketing and Food Plans… Commonalities?

By Beth Ann Erickson

If you’ve kept an eye on this space for any length of time, you already know I had a fun bout with colon cancer a while back. I’ve also mentioned (whined?) that the subsequent weight gain was quite displeasing to me. It didn’t help matters that every oncologist I spoke with mentioned I’d reduce the chance of relapse if I kept my weight within agreeable limits. Sigh.

Well, the good news is that I was finally able, after all this time, to find a food plan that worked with my new digestive system. As a result, I’ve achieved my goal of releasing that post-cancer weight.

However, during that process, I realized that food plans and marketing tactics have a lot in common. In fact, it was my experience in book marketing that really helped when I was pursuing my health goals.

Check this out:

Be persistent

What works best with marketing books (as well as health goals) is to be persistent. Give your plan time to work. Don’t give up at the first sign of a challenge. Just remain consistent and keep at it no matter the circumstances.

What worked in the past may not work anymore

This one was tough for me. Pre-cancer, I effortlessly maintained my weight following a vegan diet. That was before docs removed 2/3 of my colon. Then those days ended. Had I accepted the realities of my new body I could have spared myself a lot of frustration. Today my diet isn’t vegan. It isn’t keto. It isn’t (insert a particular diet here). It’s my own, the one that works for me and my wonky digestive system.

Your marketing plan is the same. What worked even a few years ago has changed. Don’t lament this, just roll with the punches and move on.

Be flexible

Don’t get your heart set on one path. This is because if that path disappears, you don’t want to be stuck. Master the fundamentals of marketing. Be aware of how to insert those fundamentals into the latest trend and you’re golden.

What works for someone else may not work for you

I’d love if marketing (and health goals) were cookie cutter. However, they’re not. When evaluating food plans and marketing advice, take into account your physical limitations, your psychological tendencies, and your preferences.

If you don’t do this, you may be doomed to fail when you’re asked to implement something you’re not comfortable with.

Gather data

This is the only way you can know if your plan is working. I track my food. Then, when I have a bad digestion day, I can generally pinpoint where I went wrong. Sometimes.

Track your marketing efforts. This easy step will help you identify what activities are working and which ones either need tweaking or elimination. Tracking is a good thing because it provides knowledge. And as the PSA says, “Knowledge is Power!”

Have fun!

Approach this process as an adventure. You’re about to discover some interesting, and difficult truths. But most of all, with each new sliver of knowledge, you get a bit better at the marketing aspect of this crazy profession.


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