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And more importantly... why is it there? Save Read more
~~~ Notes from Minnesota ~~~ Hey Freelancer! It’s December. Already. Yeow. Where did 2016 go? I’m not sure I’m ready Read more
~~~ Notes from Minnesota ~~~ Hey Freelancer! Oh my. What a year! Slowly but surely life kinda/sorta cooperates with my Read more
The passing of a creative entrepreneur is something to be mourned. Today Beth and Jackie discuss the artists they miss. Read more
So much stuff. Waaaayy too much. It was time to pare down the clutter in the office so Jackie and Read more
Moonlighting can be one way to launch your creative endeavor. But it’s got some upsides as well as downers. Today Read more
The only constant in life is change. Or so “they” say… Today Lindsay and Beth discuss pen names, reasons why Read more
It strikes fear in the heart of every introvert. Yet we must do it. Today Jackie and Beth untangle the Read more
~~~ Notes from Minnesota ~~~ Hey Freelancer! Goodness gracious! Seems like everyone and their brother is in the process of Read more
Lisa Jenson, a long time freelancer from Idaho, shares how a diverse portfolio helps prevent income highs and lows. In Read more
Once your creative career takes flight, expect to travel. Today Beth and Jackie share their battle scarred stories of: Annoying Read more
As an expansion of Notes from Minnesota, I thought it might be fun to interview successful authors and freelancers to Read more

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