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~~~ Notes from Minnesota ~~~ Hey Freelancer! I've got lots to share with you today so let's jump into it, Read more
When is profanity acceptable in creative works? Today, Jacklyn and Beth discuss... The apparent rise in profanity in titles Whether Read more
Uff-da. Another downer episode? Hardly. Everyone faces life changing events. Blessing or curse, Beth and Jacklyn discuss the Big C, Read more
~~~ Notes from Minnesota ~~~ Hey Freelancer! Our little Notes from Minnesota Podcast appears to be going swimmingly. If you Read more
Well, this is embarrassing. Today, Beth and Jackie reveal their grandest and most epic fails. Think everything goes slick in Read more
Today Beth shares a crazy story about an expert who mistakenly deleted a large chunk of her email list, and Read more Read more
After you've been in the creative biz for a while, you'll encounter some crazy stereotypes. Writers are flaky. Musicians are Read more
Is your freelancing biz an actual business or a hobby? Today we wrestle with that burning question and discuss tax Read more
Freelancing... yeah. Getting paid can be an issue sometimes. Today Jacklyn (a long time musician) and I talk reeling in Read more
Today’s a red letter day because in today’s Notes from Minnesota I’ve got a fantastic co-hostess (with the mostess.) Her Read more
Well, this one’s not very fun. Bad news on the family front. It’s amazing how quickly life can change. Go Read more

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