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Podcast: Mentors, Agents, and “Experts”

geralt / Pixabay

Oh my! So many smoke and mirrors on the Internet.

Today Donna, Victoria, and Beth discuss what you should look for when selecting a mentor, agent, or “expert” to follow. Highlights include:

  • A two second sniff test to determine the quality of a mentor, agent, or expert
  • Who, exactly, are these so called experts?
  • Are the outrageous prices worth it?
  • The value of a sharp BS meter
  • How to check out your potential mentor, agent and/or expert… and where to get the best info.
  • Why many expensive courses simply aren’t worth it
  • Great alternatives to sketchy online coaching, mentoring, and experts

Tune in to avoid some very real pitfalls when it comes to following any new guru. Enjoy!

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