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How to make ‘19 the best yet…

Hey Freelancer!

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Welcome to a Writing Etc. Mini. I promised occasional fast, useful, info packed additions to your regular Writing Etc. subscription so I’ll keep ‘er short today.

It’s February! How are your writing plans progressing? If you still want to make ‘19 even better than last year, here are three steps to get you started:

1. Add one new skill to your writing arsenal. Write a book. Study copywriting. Master article writing. Focus on one of these and you’ve got a great start.

2. Explore a new niche. Peek in on Facebook conversations and find out what people are buzzing about. Then, research that topic. If it’s something near your skill set, you may find the topic of your next project.

3. Check out unusual places to sell your writing. If you’ve written a book, ferret out businesses that would benefit from your expertise. It’s pretty fun to sell a few hundred copies of your latest opus direct (higher profit margins anyone?) to a corporation. Don’t forget reading groups, civic leaders, and nonprofits when you’re formulating a marketing plan.

4. Bundle groups of articles into a book. You can do the same with blog posts. At this point, you have so many options! Sell it for a boost in income. Give it away to grow your customer list. Information is power. Weld yours wisely…

5. Don’t be afraid to invest a little in your online education! You don’t have to dole out big bucks to gain valuable insight into best practices, what’s working now, marketing tips, and more.

Give these five tips a whirl! Freelancing is the best job in the world… but sometimes the

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challenges can be perplexing. The trick is to chuck the hype and stay locked on a solid course of action.

That’s it for now. In the meantime, if you enjoyed these tips and want more details on how to implement any of these strategies, buy me a mocha! Details are here. 🙂


Beth 🙂

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