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She trademarked a common adjective? Then sent out C&Ds? What? :O

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When Trademarking goes Amok
Beth Ann Erickson

If you’re not big into publishing, last weekend’s news may have escaped your radar. But writers everywhere should be aware of this situation because this escapade involves words, and the ownership thereof.

So… long story short, a romance author wrote a series. It became fairly successful on Amazon. Other authors copied the look and feel of her books, much to her chagrin. So, she took a fairly common keyword from her title, edited the series name to include that word, then trademarked said word (not the phrase).

The trademark was granted a few days ago. She tossed out Cease and Desist letters like popcorn, to any and all authors with that particular word on the cover of their books. (Note: The trademark only covered that word as it was used in a series title, not a book title. That didn’t seem to slow down the C&Ds, though.)

Chaos ensued. Authors using that word predating her trademark were targeted for C&Ds, too. Amazon was delisting books right and left.

A petition to revoke the trademark now boasts over 25k signature. Authors Ann Rice, Christopher Rice, and (possibly) EL James have weighed in. Industry groups and at least one major publisher are researching their legal options.

An Intellectual Property Rights attorney has filed a document asking to have the trademark revoked.

Oy. It’s a mess.

My point? Authors who have all their eggs in the Amazon basket have watched their earnings circle the drain and it’ll take months, if not years, to get all this sorted out.

Brands are tarnished. Years of building readerships are threatened. Years of work, flushed. It’s a frightening situation, to be sure.

This is why, in my humble opinion, it’s important to freelance like a farmer. If that author’s (and ultimately Amazon’s) actions had impacted my titles, I’d have other sources of income to fall back on while this mess gets sorted out.

Freelancing: That means writing books, articles, copywriting, consulting, you name it. It’s freedom. It’s not limiting yourself to one paycheck from one entity. I just hope all the authors affected by this trademark situation (many are exclusive to Amazon) will be OK.

We talk a lot about breaking into other avenues of writing (a.k.a. freelancing) often. Because of this situation, I just got a fire under my belly to refocus Writing Etc. on helping you build a thriving writing biz.

Just wait ‘til you see what I’ve got cooking next time!

NOTE: What you just read is the most bare bones version of this whole trademark debacle. There isn’t room in the ezine format to cover all the nuances to this complex story. I go into far deeper detail in the June issue of The Creative Entrepreneur Newsletter. If you’re curious (the details are rather cringe-worthy), buy me a mocha. I’ll spill everything I know along with how to protect yourself from something like this… 😛


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