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How to Streamline Your Marketing – Five Short Tips

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We’re still deep in Covid territory. Whoda thought this life changing event would continue for this long. (Actually, we had a few heads up.)

That said, now’s not the time to give up on your writing aspirations. In fact, the folks who hang tight and keep plugging along are the ones who will emerge from this worldwide pandemic with a huge advantage over the folks who gave up.

We talked about that phenomenon last time. If you missed it, head to and peruse the last issue of Writing Etc.

But I know you’re busy. I’ll keep ‘er short.

Enjoy today’s feature article,

Beth 🙂


What if there was one fairly simple activity you could engage in that would make selling your writing exponentially easier? What if by tweaking a few tasks, daily chores you probably already engage in, you could enhance the discoverability of your website, books, social media… and make it easier for prospective clients, customers, readers to find you?

What if you could get all this done in minutes rather than hours or days? Exciting stuff, eh?
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How to Streamline Your Marketing – Five Tips
Beth Ann Erickson

Last time we discussed marketing during challenging times. Today we’re continuing that path, illustrating how your very words can help search engines, online stores, and potential customers find you… fast.

By using proper keywords and categories (amongst other things), you can make it a lot easier to get your website, book, skill set properly categorized by Google, Amazon, Yahoo, etc. And if you’re properly categorized, organic customers can find you a lot easier!

Here are some tips:

1. Use specific keywords. Drill down. Broad doesn’t cut it anymore.

2. Use long tail keywords. Long tails are more specific, ergo easier to categorize correctly.

3. Sometimes tools can help you find these keywords. Google has one. You can also purchase software. (I outline the software I personally use in this month’s Creative Entrepreneur Newsletter.)

4. Categories are super important! Sometimes you have to use a specific keyword to get into some of Amazon’s categories.

5. Make sure you’re in the correct category. I recently miscategorized an entire fiction line. It made marketing that series exponentially more difficult. Once I made the correction, I’m swimming with the current again. (That was an embarrassing blind spot…)


6. Categories and keywords continually evolve. Make sure you do a regular metadata check to make sure you’re not missing out on better ways to market.

Want to take a deep dive into metadata? (It’s a surprisingly fun read…) Buy me a mocha. 🙂


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