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The Alchemy of Manifesting, Part Deux

Happy August! The pandemic still rages and more than ever, our faceless Internet overlords are evaluating your website, book, articles, whatever, and are silently indexing where they think you belong.

Let’s make sure you’re in the correct area of the vast Internet, eh?

Today we’re drilling down, getting to the nuts and bolts on how you can harness the power of metadata to help our faceless Internet overlords (other computers) index and sell your writing.

How do you manage keywords? How many words should you use in your bio? Why should you always create multiple book blurbs? How often should you revise your information?

Also, the end is nigh… (Big, surprise, weird announcement.)

Take care. Stay safe. And THANKS for the mocha.

Beth 🙂

Published inThe Creative Entrepreneur Newsletter