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Subject: 10 tips to make ‘20 the best ever

Hey Writer, Scribe, Influencer!

Welcome to ‘20!

Lately, we’ve been taking it slow, all of us at Filbert Publishing. Last year was… interesting. Lots of changes, some good, some not as much. But, as always, we lived to tell the tale.

It’s weird, looking back, how publishing has evolved since we opened our doors in ‘01. We’ve worked through terror attacks, heart issues, cancer, death… oy. But, that’s life.

And through it all, writing endures.

Speaking of, on the final day of ‘19, we lost another beloved writing partner. Jake the Min Pin was a permanent fixture in my office 13 years. We adopted him at age six, a chubby, wood tick of a dog. He passed a gray a masked, cloudy eyed, rail thin trooper.

I miss that cantankerous old boy. Nineteen years wasn’t nearly long enough. I hope his journey across the rainbow bridge was filled with joy.

So, this issue of Writing Etc. is dedicated to every writer who refuses to give up. Like Jake, may we sally forth, carving out a career we can be proud of!

Talk later!

Beth 🙂


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Ten tips to make ‘20 the best year ever
Beth Ann Erickson

New year, new you. Right?

Meh. I don’t feel any different. But, after a few years in this crazy biz, here are a few tips from a battle worn freelancer to help you make this year the best yet.

1. Write every day.

I mean it. Seriously. Every. Single. Day. A couple things happen when you write daily. First, writing gets easier because (two) you don’t lose momentum. Momentum is gold. Write daily. Period.

2. Avoid social media during your writing time.

Ugh. Sometimes social media drives me nuts. It can be a time suck. It’s usually not a fair representation of reality.

That said, as a marketing tool, social media can be helpful in advancing your career goals. Just be careful. Treat social media with caution if it interferes with your writing schedule.

3. Continue your education.

While the foundations of this biz remains stable, techniques to implement these foundational principles change. All. The. Time.

Remain sharp. Look for new outlets to discover readers. Just as MySpace/GeoCities/Yahoo Groups are a fond memories, today’s hip social media hangouts will lose their luster.

Master the basics and maneuver to make them fit each new reality.

4. Monitor your purse strings.

Marketer are good. They’re trained in engaging FOMO to the extreme. (For the those in the cheap seats, FOMO = Fear of Missing Out.) Give yourself at least 24 hours to weigh the pros and cons before plunking down hundred, or sometimes thousands, of dollars on a mentorship, coaching, or course.

5. Live beneath your means.

“It’s a lot easier to keep a buck rather than earn a buck.” My dear dad said that often. Except, in our world, we’re often talk in hundred buck increments.

If you live beneath your means, you have wiggle room, financially speaking. Wiggle room is a good thing. Wiggle room is freedom. Wiggle room equals less stress.

6. Read!

“If you don’t have the time to read, you don’t have the tools or time to write.” Stephen King. Nuff said. (If you can’t find room in your schedule to read, check out the wise words of Arnold Bennett.)

7. Tend to your mindset.

You’re the golden goose. If you can’t write, if words won’t sort, if life’s overwhelming, it’s time to take care of yourself. Your mind is your currency. It needs tending! Take care of yourself.

8. Don’t believe everything you see.

The Internet’s filled with smoke and mirrors. Not everything is as it looks. Income claims? Don’t believe ‘em. You saw the numbers? Don’t be so sure.

I know a guru who claimed a six figure income. He counted the two places after the decimal point.

I know another self-help champion who “slayed” cancer, presents a perfect marriage, and takes cute pics of his kids. Reality? It’s definitely none of that.

Just remember, the race is long and in the end, it’s only with yourself.

9. Take time for you.

Take a peek at number seven again. Rather than try to replicate what other folks are doing, take a look at you, what makes you unique, and sing that song. After all, it’s the only thing another person cannot duplicate.

10. Have fun!

O.M.G. This is the BEST job in the world! Never forget that. Every day creates another brick in this structure you call your life. Make sure you’re building something you love.


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