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When was the last time you gambled on yourself?

Hey Writing Etc. subscriber,

Couple things today:

  1. I want to express a humble and profound “Thanks” to every person who emailed after I wrote about my recent colon cancer diagnosis. Your emails meant the world to me. I’ve always said writers were the kindest people I knew, and now I have even more proof of that. You rock.
  2. Quick update: I’m feeling well and had my first oncology visit. That went fine, too. I won’t spend a lot of time on this subject because, to be honest, it’s rather unsettling to me. I love to write and derive much comfort from it. So, I choose to focus on that. The diagnosis is still there, docs are taking care of me, my recovery progresses, and so far, so good. Let’s get onto the good stuff, eh?

This morning I was surfing the ‘net and stumbled on a most interesting video created by an aspiring country music singer. The vid is exceedingly well done, high quality, the young man maxed out his credit cards to create it as a last ditch effort to bring his music to an audience. He has no record deal, no representation, no wide fan base (he appears to be growing one now, though), and no hope of said record deal or representation.

So, why did he create the vid?

He had a message he wanted to convey and took a huge gamble that his voice, lyrics, and message would be received.

And aye carumba, his gamble appears to have paid off.

His Youtube vid has garnered nearly a million views. His story hit Good Morning America. The young man seems to have launched himself… maybe. It’s too soon to tell for sure, but he’s certainly getting his story out.

All these results with one, short song accompanied by a great big gamble.

Which brings me to you and your writing career: when was the last time you took a big gamble on your message, your talent, your abilities?

It’s easy to enjoy the solitude of writing, the distant familiarity of Internet discussion boards, to become an invisible expert on a blog. But, sometimes it’s difficult to grapple with reality and actually interact face to face with your readership; send the scary query to a literary agent so far out of your league that butterflies erupt in your belly when you slip the letter into the mail slot; stepping up to the microphone when a local group has asked you to speak; when you publish something controversial, something nearly guaranteed to ruffle feathers.

When was the last time you stepped out of your comfort zone and took the gamble?

I don’t know how this young man will fare with his gamble, but he’s sure off to a good start and I commend him on believing in his dream. He’s got a long journey ahead of him, but he’s taken the first step. Every freelancer can learn a lot from someone like him.

Onward and upward,


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