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Month: June 2020

Metadata Madness!

What if there was one fairly simple, activity you could engage in that would make selling your writing exponentially easier? What if by tweaking a few tasks, daily chores you probably already engage in, you could enhance the discoverability of your website, books, social media… and make it easier for prospective clients, customers, readers to find you?

What if you could get all this done in minutes rather than hours or days? Exciting stuff, eh?

Well, that’s exactly what we discuss today…

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Beth 🙂


The Alchemy of Manifesting: Past Lessons

Do whispers of economic dips cause alarm? What happens when economists use words like “recession” and “depression? On the surface, the business world looks like a mess. But what if lessons from previous economies can point you in a direction that’ll allow you to not only survive the current conditions, but possibly thrive?

During the last economic devastation, companies that emerged from the chaos stronger had a very important characteristic in common. That’s what we discuss today.

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