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Five tips to insulate your writing biz from economic havoc.

Hey Writer, Scribe, Influencer!

Covid has made for some interesting freelancing challenges, eh?

What do you do… and is there any way… to insulate your writing biz from the crazy economic shifts we’ve got going on?

That’s exactly what we’re chatting about today. I’m keeping it short because it’s Friday and I’m looking forward to a fun weekend! Happy reading!

Write on!

Beth 🙂


Do whispers of economic dips cause alarm? What happens when economists use words like “recession” and “depression?” On the surface, the business world looks like a mess. But what if lessons from previous economies can point you in a direction that’ll allow you to not only survive the current conditions, but possibly thrive?

During the last economic devastation, companies that emerged from the chaos stronger had a very important characteristic in common. That’s what we discuss today.

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How to Market in Challenging Economic Times – Five Tips
Beth Ann Erickson

We live in amazing times. Stock market’s a roller coaster. Many business are struggling. Perhaps some of your writing clients have ceased marketing. (Big mistake! Check out the Creative Entrepreneur Newsletter #27.)

If you want to keep your bottom line secure, give these tips a whirl. You just may find yourself coming out the other side of this crisis in tip top shape.

1. Don’t stop marketing. Seriously, don’t. As I detail in this month’s Creative Entrepreneur Newsletter, the companies that continued steady marketing came out of the Great Depression stronger than when they went in.

2. Innovate. Keep an eye out for inexpensive, guerrilla marketing opportunities. Make sure you get a great bang for any buck you invest.

3. Examine your positioning in the marketplace. Perhaps you need to narrow your niche. Maybe you should widen it to include more customers. Perhaps your niche has evolved and doesn’t include you the way it did in the past. (That happened to me. Once I corrected this, marketing became much easier. I’ll explain more later…)

4. Include more services in your standard product. If you market books, include extras. If you’re a consultant, provide more services in your basic service. Always over deliver on your promises. This can generate some great word of mouth.

5. Keep your pricing fair. While “gurus” charge big bucks, if you charge a fair price for a great product, you enhance your chances of developing satisfied customers. When a consultant tells you to double your prices, now is probably not a good time to do this.

Many businesses are struggling right now. Make sure you’re available to help them during their time of need and they likely won’t forget your kindness.

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