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  1. Lindyb Lindyb

    Beth, I’m so grateful for your transparent communication. I’m sorry that due to my own struggles, I haven’t listened to podcasts or kept up with you well.
    I agree with your thoughts about illness and the twisted world of medicine. “Dr. Google” has offered up precious little real information that can be trusted. Even so, utilizing Google with a little common sense has been helpful regarding research, all of which must first be put through the ‘gee, is this real shizz?’ filter.
    Also, I relate to your physical struggles and the lessened need to give a rusty rip about being noticed, the low energy to promote, promote, promote, all mixed in with the desire to be what I was again, certain it will happen, but wary and weary of the road blocks.
    …and I agree that no matter what, we must keep going even when the road is unfamiliar and exhausting, because it is, in the end, the act of writing that gives us the really energy to go on. God knows, there are plenty of people who feel just like we do, and who are desperate to know they aren’t alone either.
    Thanks for sharing, my friend.

    • BethAnnErickson BethAnnErickson

      Ms Lindy… you have totally made my day! I often think of you and hope all is well. Take care, friend and thanks for your beautiful encouragement. You rock. 🙂

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