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Sprinter vs the Marathoner… which are you?

~~~ Notes from Minnesota ~~~

Hey Freelancer!

Thanks for all the kind comments concerning the audio version of Writing Etc. I love that you enjoy it! If you’re short on time and would rather listen to this shortish email, just click the link, scroll down, and hit “play.” Heck, you can even download the MP3 to enjoy later. It’s up to you.

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Now… with all these upcoming holidays in full swing, I’ll keep ‘er short except to note that Mini-Me, our newest office mascot (a short legged, wonky-eyed Jack Russell rescue) appears to be losing some of her hair. And by some I mean pretty much all of it on her chest and belly area. Now her ear hair is thinning, too.

The vet says she’s probably still suffering the after affects of extreme stress. Also, if you recall, when she arrived, the bottom half of her body was stained deep blond with urine. Turns out that acidic substance may have affected her hair follicles. PLUS the nine pound dog we adopted now weighs in at 13.4. Apparently, on top of everything else, she’d been starved.


But, we adore that little stinker. I’ve never met a dog with such a playful, loving personality. She’s regaining her weight. What hair she has left is dazzling white. It may grow back. If it doesn’t, I’ve got an entire puppy wardrobe ready to roll…

Enjoy December!

Beth 🙂

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Sprinter vs Marathoner… Which are You?
Beth Ann Erickson

madzArt / Pixabay

Today I’m going to reveal a writing hack that’ll transform your writing session into a power guzzling, wordcrunching, mind zapping, something or another… some crazy brouhaha… er… eh, just forget it.

What’s up with all the hacks?

Get this “hack/product” and you can forget writing, just talk into your computer and words will magically appear, presumably with perfect punctuation, incredible flow, and due to sheer enthusiasm, you’ll magically create a best seller!

Get this other hack and you’ll spend hours maintaining perfect multiverses (for a monthly fee), instead of allowing them to grow organically in your own mind.

Hey! Thisother hack will help you write millions of words every year! (Just don’t spend any time with your family.)

Seriously? Have we gone mad? I remember when using hacks was a bad thing (and being one was worse).

Here’s my secret: Writers create at various speeds. They use methods that work for them. It’s just the way it is. Not too glamorous, eh?

Right now, Amazon is getting flooded with “ebooks” created using hacks. And yes, they generally suck (I purposely selected that word because it best describes those books. Sorry if you’re offended.). You know why?

Great writing is thoughtful. It doesn’t follow formulas. It breaks rules. Great writers know their audience and speak directly to them, using their language. No shortcuts for that.

I can’t help but think hacks are like sprinters who fly through their event, win the crown, then are finished. Will they go on to win again? Who knows.

Marathoners, on the other hand, understand the race is long. They can’t really hack their training, they must stick to tried and true, lifetime routines.

So yea. If you want to hack, have at it. But if you want a long term career, while it’s not very glamorous, stick to what works: Write. Market. Experiment. Write some more. Strengthen your writing like a marathoner strengthens her muscles.

Make your heart pound. Write through pain. Write when you feel great. Write when you’re scared. Write when you’re uncertain tomorrow will come.

Guard your writing time. Then write.

To me, writing is a privilege. It’s honor. It’s hope.

Writing is sanity when life becomes insane.

Good writers understand that a writing career is more like a marathon than a sprint.

Great writers realize that in the end, they only raced against themselves.


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