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Are you ready to give up? Another perspective…

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Hey Freelancer!

It’s only Tuesday and I’ve already witnessed two talented writers threaten to throw in the towel.

“Why should I keep writing books when nobody buys them?” one says.

The other: “I can’t throw good money after bad anymore. I’ve tried Facebook ads. Amazon ads. Even Bookbub! I’m hemorrhaging money. I’m done.”

So… what’s going on?

That’s what we’re going to talk about in today’s feature article…


Beth 🙂

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Don’t quit before you do this…
Beth Ann Erickson

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Oy. Two freelancers ready to throw in the towel and it’s only Tuesday! What’s up with that?

So… here’s the deal: From what I can tell, Writer 1 has tried a few marketing techniques and given up. Writer 2 jumped into online advertising with both feet and is spewing cash into the coffers of the social media companies.

In today’s environment, neither marketing technique reliably works very well for the average writer. So, what should they do? What if there were a middle road between the two?

What if you could engage in what I call a “low grade” marketing plan, earn a nice living, not go crazy watching your stash circle the drain, and actually get some writing done?

That’s what we’re going to talk about in the coming weeks.

Remember when I launched the Writing Etc. Mini issues? No? That’s because, so far, I’ve only released a few of these gems. But 2019 seems like a good time to resume these short, easy to read, immediately useful mini-issues of Writing Etc.

No, results aren’t instant. You won’t run through the streets yelling, “It’s a miracle!” You likely won’t jet set off to Paris next month, either.

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But, you’ll build a solid platform, allowing you to sell your writing, make a nice (fairly stress free) living, sharing your words.

I’m looking forward to the adventure. And watch for your first Mini of 2019 next week!

(And lastly… if you’re keen to start today, buy me a mocha. I’m giving lucky subscribers deep details right now… fun stuff to cut the learning curve… )


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